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"The footwear industry is one that’s driven by seasonality and the occasions that its products look to solve. Today’s urban dwellers are a dynamic group of people that are re-defining the structured norms set out by previous generations. Their life’s daily occasions are now more interconnected and require greater sense of fluidity and mobility. In response, there has been a big trend in combining fashion and performance in today’s footwear. While other brands attempt to solve this by combining technology and intricate designs, their products fail to find live beyond one-minded use cases (winter boots, casual, hiking, etc). People have to switch footwear for every season and every occasion that their days require.

We at 4x4Outsole recognized this gap and decided to build a more versatile product from our years of experience manufacturing footwear for the world’s biggest names in fashion. We built a product that handles both the expected and unexpected occasions of people’s everyday lives."


Message From Our Founder

"Being in footwear industry for over 3 decades, I'm proud in the innovative products we develop here at 4x4outsole. It has always been my passion to combine performance and design in everything we produce. I hope you find firm footing no matter where your day takes you."

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